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Riley Janes Hogtie Test, Parts 1-3

This Riley’s 1st time in any serious bondage. I was originally going to do a discipline/punishment storyline, but once I started and saw her expressiveness as she was being bound I knew that wouldn’t work, lol. Riley told me that she had been wanting to be seriously bound and filmed for a long long time. She also said she liked it better than she thought she would. We have since done another shoot so look for that one soon! The clip starts with me leading her down several long halls. She is gagged with a huge red ball gag, her wrists bound behind her, and her ankles are hobbled. She is brought into a room. A strap is buckled around her neck and then a length of rope is tied to it and tied off overhead. The ballgag is then removed. Her eyes roll back in her head as soon as the rope touches her body. I tie her waist off to the fence post behind her. I then attach a fence stretcher to the front of her crotchrope. I use the leverage to pull her crotchrope very tight! She is now being pulled, forward, back and up. Her expressions are priceless as the ropes tighten. I then start binding her legs and the tighter I cinch them the more Riley seems to like it. Once her legs are completely bound the clip ends…

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