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Rope – Playing With My Prize – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… I remove her harness gag, but the strap marks remain. Yes it was on tight! I roughly grab her by her hair and give her tits a few hard squeezes. I then tie a length of rope into her hair. Soon after, I’m gagging her with the shiny satin panties she was wearing earlier. They are sealed in nice and tight with clear tape. I put her on the cold hard concrete floor. I add a rope to her ankles and I tie it up high on the post. I lift her up so that her back is on the seat of the chair. I pull her legs up higher on the post until just her shoulders are supported by the chair seat. Another rope is attached to her chest harness and tied up and out. The chair is then removed and she is left hanging. Her wrists are tied to the base of the post. Poor Illustrious is hanging without much support, so I add a crotchrope and tie it off overhead as well! Aren’t I nice? I go ahead and make use of the rope I tied in her hair earlier. It is tied to the base of the post as well. She has a great figure, and long muscular legs which are accentuated in this position. I sit back and enjoy my handywork and Illustrious predicament. She is left hanging for the remainder of the clip.

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