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Rubber Show And Tell

During the yearly San Francisco Folsom Street Fair weekend we have a lot of visitors to the SeriousBondage Institute. Many of the visitors are from out of town. Such is the case with TieGuy (Fetlife) who is from Florida.

TieGuy enjoys rubber and chastity, and we invited him to show us all the cool gear he brought with him. As a matter of fact, he had so much gear that he shipped a box of it ahead of his arrival so he wouldn’t need to put it all in his suitcases. TieGuy likes to dress as a rubber female, so much of his gear is oriented in that way. Among his collection are pieces from Rubbers Finest, Polymorphe, HW Design and FantasticRubber. The piece I was most interested in was a one-inch thick inflatable rubber hood from Rubbers Finest in Germany.

TieGuy had such an interesting collection that we decided to pull out the video camera and shoot a rubber show-and-tell which would allow him to show and talk about each piece. The result is a one-hour video divided into three parts which are all included in this update.

Our group consisted of TieGuy, myself (Mark), Mercy West, Tony Orlando, and MymmyEd. Together we looked at fifteen or so pieces of rubber gear, and his SteelWerks chastity device. As you will see, TieGuy is a serious kinkster and has spent a lot of money on his toys. Personally, I was very attracted to his Rubbers Finest heavy rubber hood and wish I had one myself!

A special thanks to TieGuy and our group, and we hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did shooting it. This is a unique video featuring gear that you don’t see very often.

Format: mp4
Video: 1280×720

Total size: 1.3 GB in 3 files.