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Rubber Tanja Megapack 2015, Part 2

Rubber Tanja – Bizarre and kink sex with girls in crazy rubber garments.
Jessica, Lena, Samantha, Victoria and Tanja are addicted to rubber. They practice rubber fetish in various forms. These rubber girls like to dress in rubber clothes and don kinky rubber masks and rubber hoods. They are horny to have sex, cladded in their second skin, rubber. The girls are excited to be caressed in tight rubber clothes, which perfectly match all of their movements and activate their senses when they touch each other’s rubber encased body.
When these girls are cladded in rubber, they often only breathe through tiny holes. They also like to wear inflatable rubber. Samantha is very fond of inflatable rubber hoods. When she inflates them, Samantha feels the stimulating tension on hear head. She likes to masturbate or to be fucked in this way. Lena and Samantha also enjoy wearing rubber condom catsuits. These specific rubber garments have integrated mouth, vaginal and anal condoms. Jessica and Victoria love rubber pet plays. They like to transform into rubber ponies and have rubber sex. All rubber girls also like to transform into rubber dolls with female masks and wigs. When they are fully dressed, the girls look like dolls, only living ones. Jessica, Lena, Samantha and Victoria have rubber sex at different locations, in nice rooms, sometimes bars, in rubber clinics, dungeons, BDSM studios or outdoor in the nature. All rubber girls satisfy their rubber sexual needs in various ways. Sometimes, they put gags, also inflatable ones into their mouths and they penetrate their pussies with their fingers and fuck or are fucked with dildos, vibrators and strap-on cocks until they climax.

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