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Rubbertanja 2013 Video Pack 1080p, Part 2

Rubber is pretty awesome and it never looks better than when it’s suctioned to a hot chick’s tight body. What’s even better than seeing a hottie in rubber? Watching her experiment with her body and letting other women get in on the action. Rubber Tanja isn’t just about showing your women in latex outfits. It’s also got a lot more kink.
First, there is lots of latex, so don’t think they skimp on that. There are full bodysuits that cover a babe from the tips of her fingers to her toes and also her face. Many babes also sport doll masks, so you can’t even tell what they look like and other masks only have a tiny hole through which to breathe. You get nice views of their naked breasts and pussies as they get touched, fondled, examined and fucked with toys. You’ll also find peeing, smothering, gas masks, condom catsuits, breath play and strapon sex.
This is the ultimate latex and rubber. The scenes includes rubber, latex, breathplay, gasmask, maid, latex enclousure, doll-suite, mastubation, lesbian latex play, strapon play, and many more latex stuff.

Format: mp4
Video: 1920×1080

Total size: 12.0 GB in 29 files.