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Russian Slaves #41 – Sport School #1

Release Year: 2005
Cast: Jerry Geroshvili as the Sports Teacher Lead Students: Elena Svetlova, Tatyana Zubova Students: Alla Korneeva, Dina Zorina, Yana Dubinina
Video language: English

Russian Slaves #41 features two sensational brunettes, a virile sexy teacher, and all the right action to create the best movie I have yet seen from this company. Some female viewers may find Jerry too brutal in his treatment of the girls; others may want to watch this over and over from the point he removes his shirt revealing an Arnold Schwarzenegger-worthy physique
The movie begins with the credits. But don’t skip these because each name is followed by a short sexy scene from the film featuring that actress (and there is no shortage of these). As this was the first Russian Slave movie I have seen that has credits, I immediately expected something better than the past; I was not disappointed.
In the first scene we see 5 cute Russian girls in short schoolgirl-style paid skirts and white blouses enter an exercise room with a wall-to-wall mirror in the background. Two are brunettes, two are blonds and one has a crew cut, a style that has recently become popular in Russia.
The girls talk about their coach. He is mad at them for their poor performance in the last game. The girls are obviously afraid of him. One of the two brunettes is new to the team and more afraid than the others. Naturally she will be punished in the video.
The girls start a cat-fight with each other about who was at fault during the game. The coach enters and says “What is going on here?” He tells them to undress. The extended undressing scene is well photographed and quite erotic.
However, it is the very long following scene that makes this movie really stand out. First the girls do not undress all at once. Two do, then a third, then a fourth and fifth at the coach’s command. In between he has the girls do carefully chosen exercises. Most exercises are done with the girls holding their hands behind their heads with their elbows pulled back, which of course, emphasizes their figures and their submissiveness to the coach. And the exercises are chosen to show off the erotic aspects of these girls. The result is one of the best spanking video scenes that I have ever seen even though no punishments have yet occurred.
In general the camerawork is better than previous Russian Slave videos although there are still some noticeable discontinuities between one section and the next. And the lighting is too bright in one part of the room.
Eventually, he tells one of the brunettes she will be punished for her poor performance at the last game. If you have watched the video so far, she is exactly the girl you want to see punished. The young frightened intensely erotic one. The other girls carry out the wood bench standard in Russian and some Eastern European spanking videos. They tie the tense frightened beauty to it. The coach provides a skipping rope for the punishment. He tells the other girls to whip the bound girl with it. Naturally they don’t hit their friend very hard. He quickly takes over, removes his shirt (revealing an awesome physique) and the punishment begins in earnest.
It is an outstanding punishment scene by my lights. The slim delicate girl starts crying out immediately and soon tears appear. There are some excellent face close-ups. By 25 lashes she is quite shattered but the punishment continues till all 50 blows are counted out by one of the other girls. There are some good shots of the frightened girls watching this.
However some viewers may find it too severe. The skipping rope marks the girls pale white skin immediately. By the end her ass is a bit of a mess. Both punishments are more severe than those of current Lupus films. They are more like those in the two Wild Party films for those readers who have seen those. Also the demeanor of the coach is a bit sadistic by current standards. But it works for me. I especially like the way he pulls the girl’s hair as he taunts her during the punishment.
Next the same action is repeated for the other equally sexy brunette. She is not as delicate but has a great figure, beautiful face and a wonderful submissive manner. Her punishment is also excellent including her futile struggles to untie her bound hands but the face close-ups are not as good as with the first girl. The coach has the sexy blond kneel close to the girl’s head so that she can hear the “screams” better and this adds something to the scene. Especially since she is naked.
At the end he warns them that the next punishment will be worse if they continue to be lazy at the games. And the movie ends. Which is good because the producers do not feel compelled to show shorter punishments of all five girls; they know two of the girls are the best; unfortunately this simple thing is beyond the powers-that-be at many other spanking video companies. They feel compelled to show punishments of each girl causing me to fast forward over parts of the video.
Overall I rate this video 9.75 out of 10 for the exceptional girls and their very sexy coach. Plus the great undressing and exercise scene. If the lighting and general production values were a bit better, it would have got a perfect 10. Even if you have been disappointed with previous Russian Slave videos, I recommend you see this one.

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