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Safa Ball-Hog-Tied, Parts 1-2

Safa loves being tied up. She sits on a chair as I ask her a few questions about herself, as I get things setup for her bondage today. I’m soon behind her as I help her to her feet. I immediately have her put her wrists behind her back and I start to bind her. I continue binding her. Safa loves this part, and you can tell by the look on her face that she loves the process of being bound tightly. After I have her arms “Box Tied”, I decide to have a little fun myself. I grab her by her hair with one hand and grope her large firm tits with my other hand. Safa clearly loves being manhandled as well. I spin her around and smack her ass for a while. She yelps as the ass slaps are administered, but is loving every minute of it. After a while, I sit her back down and I tie a rope into her hair…

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