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Sage is Tested – Parts 1-3

Sage is new in town. She normally works as a Dominatrix, but she enjoys switching from time to time. I tell her ahead of time what she’s in for, and she says she can handle anything. The clips starts with her seated as I tie her to the chair at her waist. Right from the start Sage is a tease. She smiles as I grab her by her hair and grope her tits. I gradually get a little more rough. I untie her blouse and let them fall free. Now I get even rougher… slapping them hard. She asks if that is all I have. I ignore her questions for now. I then start to bind her tits with thin twine. Sage’s expression goes back and forth from smiles to heavy breathing and a look of concern. She yelps as I slap her bound tit and flick her nipple. I’m tired of hearing her talk, so I gag her with the biggest red ball gag I have. Now I can play with her bound tit in peace. I then bind her other tit. I stand behind her and then I start slapping her bound tits. She moans and yelps and stomps her heels on the ground. Sage, with her 3 chins from her gag, continues moaning as I play and flick her nipples. I grab a length of rope and add a simple chest harness to her bondage…

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