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Sahrye Domme vs Dom

Video language: English

Sahrye thinks that as a domme, she’s queen of the roost. Of course, her haughty attitude doesn’t fly with everyone, like her local male counterpart who is determined to put the bitchy latina in her proper place once and for ll! Bound tightly on her sofa, she curses out her unseen assailant with a string of threats, insults and profanities that does nothing to help her plight in the least tiny bit. When the dom holds a huge ball gag up before Sahrye’s eyes, she defiantly warns him not to put that in her mouth, but in an instant, her mouth is completely filled with the large rubber sphere! It’s been strapped in so tightly that she immediately begins drooling, her anger fueled by humiliation at how easily she had been transformed into a bubbling, gurgling thing, no longer the feisty female so many clients had feared! Her attitude is in need of further adjustment, so her shirt is pulled up to reveal her big boobs straining against her bra as she struggles impotently in a rage

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Duration: 10:28
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