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Sahryes Performance Suffers So She must Do the same, Parts 1-3

Sahrye has a few chores and jobs that are required of her and lately they have not been done to my satisfaction. For Sahrye, today will be spent on display, tightly tied to a rotating post. The clip starts with her being lead in and made to step up onto the foot pegs. She is held there as a rope is tied around her waist. Her wrists have already been bound behind her back. She is also wearing a tick posture collar. I continue adding ropes to her shapely legs, securing her even more ridged to the steel pipe. I padlock her collar to a ring secured to the post, limiting her movement even more. I then take some time to grope and smack her ass. Next I grope her tits and pull them free of her bra. Her nipples are going to get plenty of attention today. I add some heavy duty clamps before I continue adding more rope. I soon remove them, but only to turn them upside down. She hates this. Now that they are upside down, I pull them tight and tie them off. I add yet more rope before I start spinning her around. One of these days I’ll have to rig up a motor so I can sit back as she rotates. I walk away and leave her to endure the bondage and clamps.

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