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Samantha Grace-Posing tied up and gagged to pay her rent

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Samantha was behind on her rent again. But that was never a problem in the past. All she had to do was let her landlord have his way with her. So today when he came over, she started to pull her pants down. The landlord stopped her and told her that this month she needed to come up with the money for her rent. When she told him that she had none, the landlord told her she needed to earn the money. The landlord had a friend who owned a website that offered photos and videos of women in various forms of bondage. So the landlord grabbed Samantha and tied her up with rope. He also stuffed and taped a great big sock in her mouth to gag her. Samantha tried to protest as the man shot photos of her struggling bound and gagged. She watched as he emailed them to his friend. The friend replied that Samantha would be perfect for the site. But first her needed to see her tits and a little more of her curvy ass. With Samantha trying to resist and protest, the man hogtied her kneeling over a chair. He then shot photos of her now bouncing her big tits about as she struggling tied up with her tight jeans pulled down.. Samantha would spend the next couple of days getting tied up and gagged in various positions for photos and video until she made enough money to pay her rent.

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