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San Francisco Tunk Tour

In this hilarious 3-part video our friend Mummy Ed explores his fascination with bondage, transportation and storage of various willing subjects. Utilizing an old trunk, Ed installed metal attachment points inside for fastening his subject’s wrists and ankles with Clejuso cuffs, Mr.S mitts and drilled a hole in the side of the trunk to accommodate an air intake hose from a special rubber gas-mask hood from Maxcita. The result is a transportation box which is just big enough to fit his favorite submissive Brianna, who is shackled, locked, gas-masked and sealed inside for a tour of San Francisco. Although she can’t see outside, she can feel the movement of Ed’s van as he drives up and down the steep hills of the City, and the bumps in the pavement as she’s rolled along the sidewalk and across busy intersections on a furniture dolly. If the drivers only knew what was in the old truck! This is a Mad Hatter’s ride for sure and could only happen in San Francisco. Ed rolls the trunk into a local cafe where he receives a round of applause as he opens the top and the patrons gaze upon his sexy bound cargo!

Format: Windows Media
Video: 720×480

Total size: 667.5 MB in 3 files.