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School Time For Sandy part 1

This week we find Ms. Sandy Skarsgard in Holly’s grips. She starts off in a full suspension from the rafters as her flesh is walloped and worked over with a ruler, before trading off for some penetration…School is in session…Next, Sandy hovers over the ground belly down while she takes a wicked caning. All of her wriggling and writhing are to no avail however, as Holly keeps up the pace. Finally, after what seems like and eternity, Holly reaches for he vibe and plants it on Sandy’s pussy. Sandy, squealing and whimpering is pushed to edge before the the ruler is brandished once again and used to it’s fullest…Sandy then finds herself planted on the floor while she receives some electro-therapy. As she twitches, she’s subjected to the crop and Holly does a thorough job of working it across her flesh. Worked to submission, Sandy then feels the dong shoved inside her as her Mistress toys with her making her beg for release…Next up, a little more electro-stimulation as Sandy takes the violet wand across her body. Leaving no stone unturned, Holly throughly explores her slave with the device, before once again breaking out the vibe and pummeling Sandy into one last bout of submission.

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