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Scream Machine part 2

Nikki’s screams echo throughout the Dungeon as Jack toys with her. Down on the floor, she’s spread-eagle and subjected to a little electric stimulation. As the device snaps and crackles, the intensity stiffens when it greets her flesh. She struggles fiercely only to find herself inverted on the bench. Pussy up high, candles are placed between her toes and as Jack fingers her exposed pussy, she gets a healthy portion of hot wax cascading across her buttocks. After TENS pads are affixed to her belly, a vibe is jammed heavily in her pussy and Nikki’s scream tips the decibel meters as she twitches in orgasm…Forced up on her feet, clothes-pins are attached to her tits and Jacks’ sadistic side shines through…While bringing Nikki to yet another blistering orgasm, the zipper is ripped away and all bets are off as Nikki transforms into a drooling, shuddering scream machine…Now it’s time to pay the piper, and our suspended beauty takes a face full of dick before she is left dangling from the rafters.

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Duration: 10:15
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