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Serious Submission part 1

This week we bring you the sultry and submissive Savannah Paige…she is a full time, collared submissive, living the BDSM lifestyle with her Dom in the midwest…she is young, hot and very willing to serve…Master Maddox takes the reins today and begins harshly…Savannah should have minded how she threw her clothes on the floor after stripping…At the very least Maddox sets the tone for the rest of the shoot…harsh, direct and no room for bullshit…spread wide and naked, in the first scene, Savannah’s nipples and pussy undergo many trials…from clamps and heavy wieghts to mini zippers removed with zest…in the second scene, Maddox goes with a fucking machine…Savannah is tied down well and the dildo plunges into her cunt the entire scene…he uses an electrical prod on her thighs and whips her tummy and tits…Maddox does not allow much time for his slaves to relax…he is definitely a man with a plan…and executing that plan is his passion…in the third scene, she is tightly tied and bent withan ass hook deep inside…Maddox enjoys the combined use of clamps and a crop to remove them…Savannah stays strong through a very challenging scene…then onto her back to have her inner thighs punished in a wide spread…he gives her some pleasure with the magic wand…then clamps her pussy and spreads it open…he plunges the dildo deep into her cunt as the juices flow…then Savannah is gagged with a dildo…over and over…and after each spasm, she relaxes and puts her head back down for more….a serious new Dom and a very serious new submissive this week…enjoy!.

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