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She Fired Her Last Week

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Bondage, Damsel In Distress, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Bondage Sex, Big Tits, Big Boobs, Girl Girl, Long Legs, Stripping, Bra And Panties, Stockings, Extreme Heels, Licking, Masturbation, Squirting, Bed Bound
Video language: English

The Script:1-Brenda walks into her house and proceeds to get a juice.2- She is startled to see Maxine standing there. She asks Maxine” what the hell are you doing here? I fired you at work last week! Get out of my house”!3- Maxine smiles at Brenda and says” I came to say goodbye to you. Oh,and also to rob you. I’ve always loved your jewelry and the clothing your wear. Don’t bother yelling. No one will hear you. None of your neighbors are home. I’ve spent the last week casing the houses.”” Now,let’s start with your jewelry. Take it all off and put it on the counter, now!” “That’s a good girl. Now,I think I could use those clothes you have on. I do love the way you dress” ” Take off that jacket and throw it on the floor”4- Brenda starts to unbutton her jacket. She says” please Maxine, lets be reasonable. You have my jewelry there’s no need for this”5- Maxine yells at Brenda,” do it now bitch before I really hurt you”.6-Brenda complies. ” Now,unbutton and strip off that blouse. ” “That’s a good girl” ( laughs)7- ” Now,unzip and remove your skirt. That’s it step out of it and kick it over.”8- “Slide down and remove those nice looking panties”9- Now,Unhook and remove your bra. Boy,that’s going to look nice on me.”10- Brenda pleads “please,don’t make me do this!”11- Maxine yells” get it off and lets see those tits!”( laughs). Brenda complies.12- “OK,now unhook your garter straps”13- Brenda whimpers and complies.14- “Now Brenda you treated me like dirt when I worked for you, Now it’s my turn! Get down on your hands and knees (Dawn complies,whimpering). ” Now start crawling. Yes that’s right, keep going! Crawl into the bedroom. ( a long the way, Brenda loses one of her heels)15- Both enter the bedroom. “Now get up and face me! Good. Now I like that garter belt a lot. Unhook it and give it to me.”16- Brenda removes the belt and throws it in Maxine’s face. Maxine goes to shield her face and becomes distracted. Dawn hobbles over to her quickly and punches her on her jaw and knocks out Maxine.17- Brenda proceeds to remove Maxine’s clothes ( leaving on her heels, stockings and garter belt. Scene fades and refocuses on Maxine tied to the bed and Brenda on the bed leaning over her.17- Maxine wakes up and realizes she is in trouble. ” Brenda, what are you going to do to me? Please,don’t hurt me,please!”18- Brenda laughs and say’s” hurt you! No way Maxine. I actually think you are pretty damn sexy. It wasn’t my idea to fire you in the first place, I fought to keep you! I’ve had my eye on you for quite a while. You see,I have a thing for you and especially for your pretty legs and sexy feet.”19- Maxine says,” Please,what are you going to do”!?20- Brenda say’s ” Here Maxine, Let me show you!21- Brenda proceeds to spread Maxine’s legs and runs her hands up and down her stocking and her inner thighs. “Mmm,such nice legs.” Brenda runs her hands inside Maxine’s stockings. Maxine starts to moan. She licks her lips with her tongue, bites her lips ,closes her eyes,moans. Brenda removes each of Maxine’s garters (counting as she does. One,two,) “There now all unhooked. Let’s get that garter belt off you.22- Brenda notices Maxine is continuing to moan ” Why Maxine I think you’re getting turned on!( laughs)23- Brenda then proceeds to kiss and lick one of Maxine’s high heels. She runs her tongue up and down Maxine’s stocking-ed inner thighs.24- Brenda say’s ” Maxine I do believe you don’t need to be tied anymore!” ( Dawn leans over and unties Kathy)25-Brenda slides her hands up and down Maxine’s stocking-ed legs (stockings getting all messy). Brenda slowly slips off one of Maxine’s heels and proceeds to suck her stocking toes. Maxine is breathing heavy now and starts to play with herself. Brenda grabs Maxine’s shoe less foot and proceeds to suck on Maxine’s stocking-ed foot. She pulls off Maxine’s stocking with her teeth and slides the stocking on her hand and proceeds to give herself an orgasm. Brenda peels down Maxine’s stocking and removes Maxine’s remaining heel and peels it down to Maxine’s ankle. Brenda removes one of Maxine’s stockings with her teeth and proceeds to use it on herself to get off on.In the end Maxine’s legs are in the air with one stocking still on and her heel dangling in the air) as she climaxes and Brenda has both legs in the air (with remaining stocking around her ankle, dangling in the air) as she gives herself an another orgasm also.

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Duration: 21:20
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