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She tried Hiring A Surveillance Team To Protect Her

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage, High Heels, On Screen Gagging, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Hogtied, Hogtie, Drool, Taken, Big Tits, Mouth Packing, Toe Tie, Wrap Around Tape Gag, Elbow Bondage
Video language: English

Sarah is kinda secret bondage model / now full time professional wrestler who got some weird emails lately from a crazy fan. So one day she finally got really scared so she went to a security agency. She got her meeting with the security provider (manager) and in this meeting she was asked why and what service does she need. Sarah: I have been receiving emails from this creepy guy. He says he wants to tie me up and gag me. He wants to suck on my toes while im hogtied with my toes tied. Not only its creepy, but I am really scared. Who does that? Brenda: Don’t worry, we are one of the best in providing securities for models like you tormented by crazy fans.Man: We will make sure no one ties you up and gag you and do all those crazy fan fantasies.Sarah: Please, I don’t want to be tied up and gagged. I never had my toes tied and I never want it to be. And then hogtied and getting my toes sucked? That is very scary. I will pay right away, I need my security as soon as possible.Man: Brenda here is one of our most experience. She will be from now on.—-All of the conversation from the office was monitored by this creepy fan. Happens to be that this fan is a not only a crazy stalker, but also a computer hacker and seriously has very specific kind of skills. Now back at Sarah’s place, Brenda has to make sure the location is secure.Sarah: I will just change my clothes and I expect you do what you do best.Brenda: Yeah, don’t worry. While i am here, no one can bound and gag you. They have to go thru me first.Sarah then left and just when Brenda was getting to her routine checks, she gets subdued. They did not expect that “he” is here already and got plans for both ladies. Brenda got taken out and will be bound and gagged to be revealed later on.”HE”: So to get her bound and gagged, I have to go thru you? Now lets have you bound and gagged. —Sarah is now done changing, she is ready for her late shoot for the day. She is looking for Brenda but she is nowhere to be found. Then a hand comes to gag her from behind. Telling her to try to talk thru this hand gag. The man then said how he is going to tie her up and gag her, tie her toes and hogtie her etc. Sarah’s eyes show all the shock in the world. The man she fears is here and about to make her fears real. A valiant effort to get away from this guy, she ended up getting subdues as well. Sarah gets bound and gagged (just some strips of tape for now). Hogtied, the man approached her starts to humiliate her in her situation. Then he said he will remove the gag but she better not scream or its gonna get really bad. Gag remove, and she starts talking smack.Sarah: you better untie me now before my security comes here and cops will be here, you will be arrested for this shit.”he”: blah blah blah. you are better gagged and I am not done with you yet. that security? i have to go thru her before i get my hands on you right? I have taken care of that.rag/foam stuffed in her mouth then strips of tape again to seal her gag. Then her toes are tied tight and then make the toe tie into a tight hogtie/hair-tied hogtie. “he”: before I take pictures of you like this and do my thing with your toes, I have a surprise for you.Brenda get rolled out/dragged/carried/ bound and gagged, hogtied with her toes tied too. Her mouth wrapped so tight with duct tape. She can barely move and can only make muffling sounds from her gag. “he”: Sarah, she was easier to take out than you. HAHAHA.Sarah: angry gag talk….He started taking photos of the bondage of these two ladies he got for the night. Sarah gets her toes suck while hogtied. Humiliated so much and disgusted with this freak. While Brenda is so helpless. Got her toes sucked too. All she can do is angry gag talk. —–Now its time for the creepy fan to go. He untied Sarah. He is a fan who only has this crazy fantasies to do to her. But never to harm her. He called the security so they should be on the way to check on her.”he”: She is all yours now. I have to go before they find what I did to you two. If you dare to report to police what I look like, I will release all of your photos taken tonight. Released to your wrestling employer. Yeah I know! I don’t watch wrestling but I follow your bondage shoots. Now we don’t want your employers find out what you really do right?

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