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ShinysBoundSluts – Jessica Doll – The Reformatory Part 1

Incorrigible Jessica Doll has been sent to The Reformatory by her master who is getting sick of her bratty behavior..

The doorbell rings and Jessica is standing there in a heavy jacket and scarf.. She is brought inside and the outer layers are stripped away to reveal a fully bound, gagged, and blindfolded t-girl! “I see you were properly packaged my dear..” the headmaster says as he inspects the goods. He lifts her skirt to reveal that she is wearing satin panties underneath her skirt, and surprise! Her lady cock is swollen and hard. She is obviously enjoying the treatment. “Have a seat here on the sofa while I finish up your paperwork.” He guides her to the couch and then crosses her ankles and binds them. “Now you stay out of trouble until I come for you.”

Jessica is there against her wishes. She does not feel that she needs any “reformation”.. She defiantly struggles, kicks, and throws herself onto the floor, desperately trying to get free. It is no use. She is bound extremely well in tight jute rope.

After a few moments, the headmaster re-enters and tells her her paperwork is finished, and she is officially committed to his care. He leans in over her. “Oh we are going to have such fun with you here over the next day or 2. It’s time to clean you up and get you ready for bed.” He reaches down and puts his hands all over her. She struggles and moans, but they are moans of ecstasy.. She leaks into her panties. “Yeah this slut is enjoying this a little too much..” he thinks to himself.. Maybe a full night of tight bondage while she rests is what she needs this evening..

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