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So much no-ing!

Part 1
Autumn says “no!” a lot while I whip her cunt and asshole. She lacks a little credibility though, since for most of the time she’s laying back and holding herself open so I can get a better swing.
Part 2
I shock the insides of Autumn’s cunt and asshole, while she holds herself open for it. It hurts like hell and she screams and complains, but I need to wipe her cunt dry midway through because she gets so turned on.
Part 3
Autumn keeps her legs open for me to use a leather belt on her, with some motivation. Any time she closes her legs, I shock her cunt with the poky-zappy thing. As reward afterwards, I make her hold her cunt open while I beat her insides to orgasm with a little rubber whip.
Part 4
Autumn lays back with her head over the edge of the bed so she can take my cock further than usual down her throat, while I do mean things to her cunt. I slap it nice and hard, and pound it to nice orgasms while she chokes on my cock. She can’t help closing her legs with orgasms, so I make her arch her hips up to meet the poky-zappy thing. Afterwards, she gets up on all fours and pulls her ass wide open for me to shock some more, which gets me nice and hard before starting to sodomize her.
Part 5
I thoroughly fuck Autumn’s ass while she watches in the mirror. I stop every time she’s almost to orgasm, over and over until she’s willing to ask very sincerely to be fucked harder and longer. Near the end I make her stick extra fingers in her cunt and asshole while I fuck her so that she feels even more full.
Part 6
Straddling a cute redhead, her tongue in my asshole while I jerk off with one hand and slap her cunt with the other. *hand-staple-forehead* It’s a lot of coordination, so I have her slap her own cunt for me to watch for a bit, then I get her off as a reward. One of my better comeshots at the end.

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