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Sound Check Live Feed – Lorelie

Studio: Insex

“For each ecstatic instantWe must an anguish payIn keen and quivering ratioTo the .”Emily DickinsonIn a live feed, Lorelie faces an electrical “experiment” reminiscent of B.F.Skinner, and some of the most brutal caning ever seen on Insex. Courage has nothing to do with fearlessness. Rather something deeper, more rare. You can see it in Lorelies face, the fear, the quiet determination.Lorelie is locked in a cage wearing the institutional cuffs that she will wear for the entire feed. The bottom of the cage is made of parallel lengths of copper pipe wired in series. Jumper cables attach them to a shockbox with a digital timer. Lorelie can see the numbers. She knows the exact moment shell be zapped. It goes on and on, the shocks, accompanied by chaotic sounds. The dread. The anticipation. Not once does she beg for it to stop.Shes seated, her neck secured to the post behind her. Her ankles are pulled wide and tied at head height. Her pussy is complex, orchid-like. Shes fucked with an anal probe, then it fucks her ass. Nipple grabbers bite into her tits. He canes her sweet spot unremittingly. Then the soles of her feet. Then he tickles her. A vibrator buries itself in her fattened clit.Just like she gave herself to the electricity, she gives herself to her want, her craving. Pussy juice pools at the opening of her cunt. She comes beautifully, but she didnt ask to come. Youd think Lorelie would have known better. So he yanks the nipple grabbers off in retribution. But you know its not enough to satisfy him. There will be more. Much more.She hangs by her ankles. Pale white skin. Bright red lips. The caning starts. Shes poised. Unguarded. You never see her stiffen to block the blow. Theres no doubt, Lorelie is the queen of this stage. Her stomach is caned, her breasts. A singletail whips her crotch, wrapping onto her pussy. Its as though she wants to be devastated, ripped to shreds. Shes made up her mind. Shell take anything.A horrid beating follows. Her screams. The ragged red slashes covering her ass. He offers the cane. She kisses it. Then he really lets loose. The worst beating yet. He only stops when she can bring herself to say the word.

Format: real
Duration: 1:09:37
Video: 424×240, RV40
Audio: 94kbps

File size: 226.3 MB