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Star is Punished for Fighting Me 1-2

Earlier Star was fighting me as I was restraining her. see what it got her. The clip starts with her standing in high heels, a tight skirt, and a sweater. She has a big red ball gag strapped tightly in her mouth, her wrists are bound behind her back, and she is neck roped. I have some clients interested in her, but first she needs to be tamed a bit. Making her stand in the heels for long periods of time will help, but I need to speed things up a little. I come in and roughly manhandle and grope her. I grab her by her tits and spin her around so I can smack her ass a few times. I get a pair of scissors and immediately cut away her sweater exposing her ample tits. A tall slender girl with tits this big is a rare commodity indeed, and should fetch a very high price on the open market! I clamp her nipples with some large heavy duty clamps and then I start binding her with more rope. Star is moving to much for my liking. I could get her roped up much faster if she would move around less. After I have a basic chest harness in place, I remove the clamps. Star moans in as I do. Her excitement is short lived though, as I put them right back on, but upside down and then tied off tight overhead!

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