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Strapping Endza in!

Part 1 – I strap Endza into the bondage chair, and we test just how immobilized she is. Tickling: no, can’t get away. Slapping her cunt with my hand: can’t get away either. Slapping her cunt with a tool: still can’t get away. Hitachi on a stand: can’t escape that either. She doesn’t seem very distressed about this.
Part 2 – Now that Endza is fastened in securely, I put nipple clamps on her, tie them off to the ceiling, then hang a very entertaining pet toy off the line. It’s a little ball with a motorized weight, which I drilled a couple off-center holes in so it wobbles around. Combined with the Hitachi, it’s a perfect arrangement for me to just sit back and watch (changing the speed on the vibrator at strategically-chosen moments).
Part 3 – I crank the Hitachi up to ‘unbearable,’ and make minor uncomfortable tweaks to its placement, until Endza is willing to plead nicely and clearly for me to use a mallet on her cunt instead.
Part 4 – I introduce Endza to the feeling of a mallet on her cunt. First though, I take quite a lot of advantage of her helplessness to pinch and slap her tits. Despite the terrifying, I think she’s surprised by her mixed feelings about the actual sensation of the mallet on and in her open cunt.

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