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Strung Up Lilly 1-3

Lilly sits in the dark on a sturdy old oak chair. Her wrists are cuffed with leather straps and locked to hitching rings bolted to the chair. Her ankles are strapped, chained and locked to the front legs of the chair. She struggles, but there is no escaping. Suddenly she hears a door slam and then foot steps. All of a sudden the lights come on and a man in a ski mask her. He clasps 1 hand under her chin as he gropes her tits. He grabs her by her hair and continues manhandling her. Lilly breathes and moans heavily. After a while, he wraps gray tape over her gag and then below her jaw and up over the bridge of her nose. He then ties a length of rope into her long, thick, brown hair. The masked man then lowers a hoist from above. He unlocks her left wrist and attaches it to the hook at the end of the hoist. He stands on the rope to keep her arm up as he unlocks her right wrist. He pulls it upward and attaches it. He locks the hoist, f. her arms overhead. He then unlocks her ankles and uses one of the chains the tether her ankles. The leather straps that secured her to the chair at her waist are removed. He then raises the hoist, Lilly to her feet. She is pulled tight and stretched out. The man rips open her pretty blouse. He takes his time playing with her as he snips off her bra. Heavy clamps are squeezed on her nipples. The man then gropes and spanks her out stretched body for a while. He walks away, leaving her strung up. He returns shortly, but just to make her predicament worse. He removes the connecting ankle chain and ties a rope to her left ankle. He runs it through a pulley behind her and then ties the other end to the rope in her hair. If she tries to lower her leg her head is pulled back by her hair even further. She is left like this for a while as the man sits back and enjoys watching poor Lilly deal…

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