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Summer Hogtied and Left Outside With the Bugs in the Heat 1-2

Summer was caught at the local watering hole flirting with some stranger passing through town. Of course I found out about it. In a town this small everyone knows everything about everyone. It’s a hot muggy 95 degree day and a perfect day for Summer to pay for her infraction. I stay inside in the air conditioning and leave Summer outside tied to a bench in a sweater. Mosquitoes are thick and them biting her while bound is worse than the heat and the bondage… at least for now. After the stock car race, I come outside to see how she is doing and to increase her discomfort. The first thing I do is gag her with a ballgag I made while watching the race. I grope her tits and then I cut out the front of her sweater. She gets a little from the heat, but that will soon be negated by the wire breast bondage she receives next. Poor Summer yelps, thrashes, and moans through the huge ball tied in her mouth as I slap her tightly bound tits. I weld her elbows together with more rope, before a give her bound tits more attention.

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