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Summer Hung by Her Elbows 1-2

He lures her into an old industrial complex. Summer, wearing a sweater dress, shiny pantyhose, and heels, slowly walks up several flights of steps and then down several long hallways. All of a sudden, out of nowhere he quickly appears. He clasps on hand over her mouth and pins her arms with his other. Summer is dragged through a door. Once inside, she is shoved up against a post. He shoves his knee between her legs, pinning her to it. He warns her about making any noise before removing his hand from her mouth. He binds her wrists behind her back. He f. her to sit in a chair before tightly strapping in a big red ballgag. A rope is then tied around her waist to keep her in the chair. All Summer can do is moan and drool as her captor begins binding her more thoroughly. He adds rope around her chest and then to her left ankle and foot. Her elbows are tied tightly together and then she is chicken-winged. Another rope is tied to her right thigh. Her captor then walks away…

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