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Summer is Not Happy About being Dr. Cupcakes Tape Bonadge Play Toy, Parts 1-2

Summer has been Dr. Cupcakes captive for a while now and she knows better than to defy or question him, but that doesn’t mean she is happy about being there. She waits patiently encased in pantyhose, and taped to a chair. He gropes and manhandles his captive for a bit before walking off. When he returns he has gag material with him. Summer is brutally cleave gagged with a full roll of vetwrap and then yellow tape is added, making it excruciatingly tight! He then starts adding more tape to her body and the chair. After a while her gag is removed, but that’s just so he can try out another. A big red squishy ball is shoved in her mouth and then clear tape is wrapped around her head to make sure it stays…

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