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Summer vs. The Job Offer

Seeing a high paying ad for a maid certainly captured Summer’s interest. She knew going in that there had to be a catch, but it seemed worthwhile to at least check it out. So, when Summer was told there was a little latex and bondage involved, she wasn’t surprised. Maybe she was even a little excited at the prospect. After starting out with a simple frogtie, she polishes the cage. Frustrated by how difficult such a simple task is and how uncomfortable the ropes are already, she knows it’s not a good fit. Reluctantly, she decides to try a bit more in the hope that it might get easier. Her hopes are sadly dashed, though, as she should have known. Now with a harness gag, leg irons, and a rope tethering her harness in place, she’s got the job. Summer’s in for a very long first shift.

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