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Summer’s Agonizing Post Tie 1-2

Summer is in trouble again and she needs constant discipline. Since I don’t want her all marked up, I’m going to use strict bondage as a tool to help me today. Summer is a tough one, so it takes a lot to get to her. However, I have a plan today that I think just may do the trick. The clip starts with a ball gag being shoved in Summer’s mouth and strapped in tight. We see that she’s standing against a post on top of a concrete block in 6 inch heels. Her wrists have already been bound behind her back and around the post. There area also a few other bands of rope securing her to the post as well. I start adding more rope though. I start at her chest. I make sure to cinch everything. I tie a rope in her hair and tie it overhead. This will keep her looking straight ahead and will get her hair out of my way as I add more rope. In between adding more rope, I rip her shirt open, exposing her pretty black bra with rhinestones. I lift her skirt revealing her garter belt and shiny turquoise satin panties. As I’m about to start binding her legs, I realize that her skirt will just be in my way, so I cut it off. I add a crotchrope and a hip harness. I also tie and cinch her hips to the post as sweat pours from Summer’s face…

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