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Summer’s Tight HogZip 1-3

Earlier, Summer tried to escape. Now she finds herself hooded, standing on 2 paint cans with her legs spread, and her arms ziptied and pulled painfully overhead. Her sweaty body starts to tremble as she starts to panic. She struggles to maintain her balance. The last thing she wants to do is hang from her wrists by zipties. After a while, her captor returns. He removes her hood, but leaves her standing spread on the cans. He gropes and slaps her ass. He’s going to make sure she doesn’t escape again. He tightens a zip tie very tightly around her waist. He then adds and tightens several more from the back to the front. The cruel nylon cruelly invades her. He lowers the hoist, so she can step down from the cans. He stuffs an old rag in her mouth and then seals it in with electrical tape. He grabs her by her hair with one hand as he does to make sure she looks straight ahead as he does. Now he starts binding her legs with more zipties. He cinches each band with a smaller ziptie between her legs. He works his way down. Once he has her legs bound the way he wants them, he walks away toward the hoist…

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