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Superheroine Sahrye Captured, Bound, Gagged, Clamped! 1-2

Word is out on the streets about Dr. Cupcakes. Every Superheroine for miles around wants to bring him in, as it would surely boost their status and make them famous. Sahrye is a new Superheroine. It’s easy to tell as she is missing wrist cuffs, a mask, and a belt. The clip starts with Sahrye sneaking around a large industrial complex. She suspects that Dr. Cupcakes lair is buried deep within the bowels of the giant concrete structure. For being new, she has done her homework and unfortunately for her, she is correct. Dr. Cupcakes had heard that there was a new Superheroine in town asking questions, so he expected his unwelcome visitor… Actually once he sees her he is quite pleased that she has paid him a visit!! She is soon captured and carried off. She finds herself bound to a chair. He asks her her name. She does not comply. He grabs her by her hair with one hand and holds his other hand over her mouth as he is not in the mood to hear lies. He then decides to grope his captives tits. Since she’s not cooperating, he cleave gags her with an Ace bandage and then black tape. He then binds her elbows as he continues to manhandle the superheroine. He removes her gag and asks her her name once again. She refuses again. She makes repeated smart ass comments, so a new gag is in order. A huge cleaning sponge is f. in her mouth and then sealed in with clear tape. He then gropes her tits a bit more, before he pulls up her little top, exposing her super tits. He gives them a slap and grab, before he disappears. He’s back soon enough and places a rubber discipline cap on her. It is designed to induce headaches and discomfort. Once in place, he unties her waist from the chair and then stands her up, tying her wrists overhead and f. her into a strappado…

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