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Surprising Sierra!

Part 1
I tell Sierra that there are two surprises in the Ultimate Hopscotch scene we’re about to do. One is that midway through I’ll electrify the obstacle (which she hadn’t seen yet). The other surprise is waiting in the next room. We run through the hopscotch course a few times, then I tell her to go fetch it. Apparently terror is good for athletic performance, when we resume she sets a new naked hopscotch speed record.
Part 2
The big surprise that I told Sierra to go fetch in an earlier installment is our friend Max of Bondage Lessons, who was standing patiently in the next room. I’d rather wrestle someone than tie them up, but he’s a pretty scary bondage top. This adds some entertaining new possibilities to our game of naked hopscotch.
Part 3
We raise the difficulty of Sierra’s hopscotch game. First Max changes the tie her arms are in (leaving the nipple clamps on of course), then we turn on the electricity in the obstacle. I love the bouncing ponytail so much, that’s an oddly specific fetish of mineā€¦
Part 4
Sierra works to improve her time on the Ultimate Hopscotch course. As motivation, I threaten to narrow the electrified opening she has to navigate, unless she can keep her time below some number of seconds. She’s really struggling, so much so that once I’m nice and attach nipple clamps rather than narrowing it further. Eventually she figures out a clever way to avoid getting zapped, but that just leads to new and exciting consequences.
Part 5
Max ties Sierra’s hands together in a particularly difficult and painful arrangement, and she tries to navigate the obstacles like that. She does pretty well, but can’t resist using the cheat she figured out for the electricity. Singletailing ensues as a consequence.
Part 6
I crank up the electricity *and* raise the bar that Sierra needs to straddle on her way over. Max cracks the singletail while she’s trying hold the vise-grips on her nipples from bouncing and she manages to stay focused, but the zapping distracts her and she lets go. There were a whole bunch of different painful things happening here, but her reaction when Max singletails between her legs is particularly good.

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