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Sybil and the Flame part 2

Sybill Hawthorne is back in bodaciousness…Orpheus Black directs us to strip her, muzzle her and tie her down tight with her legs spread…Sybil awaits, bound and nude while we go over his plan…Fire…Don’t do this yourself or encourage anyone else to do it without proper training beforehand…there is much to know and much at stake with this type of BDSM play…and much sensation…He uses the flames to light fire cups…then adjusts the amount of suction by blowing the flame onto the cup’s surface…heating up the air inside the cup and increasing the suction…he uses the flames to heat her body…once again, blowing the flames and heat at her most tender parts…a vibrator is mounted against her clit and Orpheus pulls her right down orgasm alley, slowly, as he plays with her…Sybil is then cuffed standing…he uses his many impact implements to redden her body…upper back and ass, tits and thighs…then single tails and screams…she is then roped down on a box…on her knees and bent over, she is absolutely immobile…he invades with a dildo and adds the vibrator through ass slaps…Sybils cums and sobs…then she is strung up and spread out…her hips are tied down…her perfect pussy and tits are exposed…he clamps her nipples and flogs her thighs until they glow red…Orpheus expertly and lightly flogs the nipple clamps as Sybil moans and shrieks…he uses the single tail to wrap her legs…then invades her open pussy once again and brings her to ear shattering orgasms…I have never seen a model so spent after a shoot…her limp torso hangs from her wrists…Lovely Sybil once again sacrifices her entirety for our viewing pleasure

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