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Taming the Prissy Arrogant Bitch 1-3

Rachel is intelligent and attractive. She knows it and she’ll tell you so. One day after seeing one of my pictures, she told me the ropework looked fake and that anyone could easily get out of it. I told her I’d give her $500 if she could escape and she made the mistake of agreeing. This is just the opportunity that I had been waiting for. The clip starts with Rachel bound and struggling in a reverse prayer seated on a chair with her ankles tied up off the floor to the back side of the chair. After a while of futile struggles, she gives up and starts to whine and complain. I walk over with a big red ballgag and f-fully shove it in her mouth. A perfect fit, as I have to really work it to get it past her teeth and into her mouth. I grope her a bit before getting the scissors. I snip away at her shirt so we can see her tits. I manhandle her more before I go get more rope. I return and make rachel a nice collar out of rope as drool streams out around her gag. I untie her from the chair and stand her up for the next part of my plans for her…

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