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Taylor & Leather – Fun 1-3

I thought Taylor might look good in a riding outfit. I didn’t have an appropriate riding shirt for her, so I left her topless. I don’t think anyone will complain. This is a consensual style clip. I enjoy playing with my prize and putting her in a leather arm binder. I then spend some time groping her ample tits. I order her to her knees, and am soon buckling a harness panel ballgag on her head. After that, I once again manhandle and grope her tits. I have her stand again and I put her in a strappado position with her head pulled way back with a chain locked onto her harness gag. Her ankles are attached to a spreader bar. I love watching Taylor in bondage, so when I’m done, I and enjoy the view. This is where Part 1 ends. As you can see by the preview images, there is no good full body shots while she was in the strappado.

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