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Testing Abbys Limits – Suspension 1-2

Featuring: Abigail Whitaker

Abby is back! After a hiatus Abby wrote me a few weeks ago and said she was really wanting to be tied up again and that she wanted me to test her limits. Of course I’m always up for that. I tied abby’s arms behind her back in a box tie and then hobbled her legs. I f. a big red ballgag in her mouth and then made a crotchrope leash. The clip starts with me leading Abby into my studio by her crotchrope. I love watching Abby’s muscular body in the tight hot pants, as she tries to walk in the high heels and hobbled. Once we arrive I tie her crotchrop up high to an overhead anchor. I grope and smack her ass a bit before I leave her to hang on the crotch rope for a while. I grab my camera and take a few quick photos. I then untie the crotchrope from overhead and sit abby down in a chair and use the rope to tie her at the waist. I unbuckle her ballgag, only to immediately stuff a huge pair of panties completely in her mouth. I then tightlt wrap her mouth with black tape… Then vet wrap… Then microfoam tape. Abby is very effectively gagged!! I untie her waist from the chair and then tie the crotchrope tightly to her chest harness. It’s still not tight enough for my liking, so I run the ropes to her back and then over her shoulders where I catch it again and pull it even tighter. I pick her up and toss her on the bed. I retie her ankles, eliminating the slack between them and then attach them to the overhead hoist. I hoist them up High with abby still on her stomach. Next I attach more rope to the hoist and also tie it off to the back of her chest harness effectively putting abby in a very tight hogtie. This is where part 1 ends…

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