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The Animal Rights Activist Turns His Attention Towards Adara – The Harness 1-3

Adara stands in the barn blinded because of the blackout contact lenses she has to wear. The Vigilante snaps a shock collar around her neck and soon orders her to strip. When she hesitates, she is shocked. She yelps and bends over from the surprise. The collar does it’s job nicely, as she starts stripping immediately. She struggles to remove her boots and jodhpurs with her wrists cuffed and blind. She can’t fully remove her button up blouse so I help her with that. It’s time for the Harness. I set it over her shoulders before I bind her arms behind her back. I then continue buckling the harness on. Once complete, I order her to turn in a tight circle so I can get a good look from all angles of her harness. Whenever she defies me, she gets a jolt from the shock collar which swiftly corrects her behavior.

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