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The Client – Parts 1-3

I set up shop in a modest hotel room and place an ad. It doesn’t take long before I have my first client. Women who need and/or crave punishment and discipline seem to seek me out. I don’t ask reasons and I don’t get names. The anonymity is part of the allure. My client shows up and I immediately ask for the payment. I lead her over to a chair. I get a feel of her tits. and I know that some breast bondage and abuse are in her future. I bind her wrists behind her back and then I tie her at the waist to the chair. I pull her tits free from her shirt. I grope and manhandle them before I gag her with a pump gag. I clover clamp her nipples. I pull them tight and then tie them together after running the string up around the back of her neck. This is a small taste of whats to come. She moans and drools as I add more rope to her legs. I blindfold her before I remove the pump gag. The clamps are removed as well, before more ropes are added to secure her to the chair. A shop rag is shoved in her mouth and then secured with tape…

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