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The Dresden Diaries volumes 1,18,20,21,24

This series is a vintage bdsm.
Gorgeous girls, real castles and average (in terms of harshness) bdsm. Mostly spanking, flogging, various bondage with some actual sex. There is even some plot in each movie or kinda =)
The scenes are a bit similar in terms of punishments, but they are so well-directed that it’s not a problem.
Short description of each movie:
1. Two girls are tied to bed and posts and spanked/flogged with one scene of sex on chair. Suddenly, in the very end there’s a scene of real-time pussy piercing making. Just wtf =)))
18. A girl is flogged, spanked and cropped, while acting as a total sub – fulfilling filthy commands, etc. The second part is a variation of the same stuff with another girl.
20. In the first part a girl is chained outdoors to a gate. In the second part a mistress punishes sum sub girls in traditional ways.
21. (my personal favorite) In the first scene a redhead is punished by clamps and spanking. In the second one curly brunette’s a huge breasts are clamped by an original vice device and then she is spanked and flogged.
24. In the first scene a blonde is hang up in a cool chains-and-leather device while being flogged, clamped and afterwards fucked by mistress with a strap-on. In other scenes other girls are punished in the same manner – again spanking, flogging and caning.

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