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The Intruder Finds Riley’s Toys 1-2

An Intruder gains entry through an unlocked sliding glass patio door. He sees Riley in the living room. He quietly enters her bedroom to look for valuables. Instead he finds a vibrating egg, a dildo, and a large vibrator. As he’s leaving the bedroom he notices a laundry basket. He takes several pairs of socks and a pair of panties. He decides that interrogating Riley will be faster than having to tip toe through the house looking for valuables… that could take all day! He slams a door to get her attention and when she walks into the kitchen area, he pounces on her like a hungry Lion on a weak antelope. She is now his captive and he carries her into the garage. Her wrists are taped behind her back and he enjoys groping and manhandling his captive. A rope is tied around her neck and she is pulled to her feet and the rope is tied off overhead. He pulls her dress off of her and really starts to roughly manhandle her now. He asks her about the safe, but she says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He shoves the 2 dirty socks that he obtained from her laundry basket earlier and then tapes them in. She struggles and moans for just a bit. The intruder then decides to use the other items that he found. He taunts her with the dildo for a bit before he cuts open the crotch in her pantyhose. He then inserts the bullet. He then starts taping her up. Lots of black tape is used to bind Riley. He even runs it up between her legs, crotchtaping her! He tightly tapes the base of her tits as well, making them bulge and swell. The intruder then starts slapping them, ignoring Riley’s muffled pleas. After a while of that, he starts playing with the vibrating bullet remote control. Riley is now wrapped in black plastic wrap from her ankles to her shoulders, then more black tape is added on top of that. The intruder unties her neckrope from above. He lifts Riley and puts her on the floor. Once on the floor, he removes her sock gag.

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