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The loop of consent with Sierra Part 2

Part 1
Sierra and I continue our ‘loop = consent’ scene, with a stingy metal ruler. As long as she’s holding on to the loop over her head, I’ve got consent to hit her. As soon as she lets go that’s the end of whatever toy I’m currently using, for the rest of the scene. She takes the metal ruler on her ass and tits, and some really hard strokes across her belly (great marks!) and pubic mound. I think the best part on video is hitting her across the face with it, though.
Part 2
Sierra really likes being caned. Sometimes she’s conflicted about liking it because it hurts, but then the pretty marks start coming up. I hit her thighs nice and hard, her cunt quite a bit, and there’s some hot face caning at the end of the clip (don’t try that at home). There’s a reason the cane is sometimes referred to as “the rattan vibrator.”
Part 3
I get out a ‘fluffy bunny’ toy to beat Sierra but she doesn’t last long with it, because she’s a big wimp. Okay, using it on her belly like that might have been a little intense (also, she reads these descriptions). I the of the ‘loop = consent’ scene we’re doing (she’s consenting to a given toy as long as her hands are on the loop, when she takes them off I switch to a different one), by using my hands for a bit. We progress to a leather slapper, then the poky-zappy thing.
Part 4
I beat and scrub Sierra with a hairbrush, just to the edge of tears. A hard swat with the flat side on her public mound is what gets her to let go of the loop, put I think what was actually hardest for her was beating her back with the poky side.
Part 5
I beat Sierra all over with her favorite cane- butt, back, thighs, cunt, asshole. There’s a lot of glee, and she holds on to the ‘consent loop’ for almost twenty minutes despite occasionally really struggling. It makes a great sound when I bring it down between the lips of her cunt.
Part 6
Continuing our ‘loop=consent’ theme, I get out a couple of wooden paddles and beat Sierra hard with them, then bring her to tears with a sap. It’s a tiny weighted leather thing- she starts crying pretty much as soon as I hit her face with it, but keeps holding onto the loop for a lot more.
Part 7
One thing consistently starts Sierra crying, and that’s hitting her face. She’s already crying from me using a sap on her, but we do a bit of face slapping before I upgrade to one of the meaner toys I own. It’s an industrial rubber paddle that feels like being hit by a truck, if a truck stung more than it possibly should. She hangs with it for quite a while though, partly because she’s a masochist and partly because I’ve threatened that the thing I’m going to use after it is even meaner. Eventually she lets go of the loop though, so I get out a little wooden ruler. How could that possibly be worse?
Part 8
I grind my boots around on Sierra’s tits, then kick her cunt with them a few times, then start on her tits again and she accidentally lets go of the ‘consent loop’. This is too bad, because she could have gotten off from the kicking if she’d been able to hold on. Then I really roughly maul her tits for a while (completely ignoring the loop). The last thing I get out is a flexible stingy rubber paddle. She doesn’t last long with it, we’ve been going for quite a while and her endocrine system is tired. During the aftercare snuggling, I note that her cunt is extremely wet…

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