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The Mad Scientist Terra And Sarah Endures There Last Treatment

Cast: Sarah Brooke, Terra Mizu
Genres: BDSM

After what seemed like an eternity of sadistic test from the Mad Scientist. Terra and Sarah are brought together for one last treatment. It was time to put them to the test to see if the experiment worked. With Terra’s fear of confinement and Sarah’s fear of orgasm the two girls bound and vibrated for hours. The Mad Scientist and her henchman leave the two girls to suffer at there evil ways. The two girls scream and moan through there gags as the terror sets in. It was time for the Scientist next appointment. Can you guess who is next.
Sarah is bound with rope around her tits, neck, wrists, ankles, and a crotch-rope holding a vibrator on her pussy. She is brought to another room and tied to a post to endure orgasms in her bondage. The scientist turns to work on Terra. She is gagged with a harness pump gag, and tied with rope. Terra has her elbows tied together and her wrists tied to her crotch rope. This puts her arms in a painful “chicken-wing” position. She is hogtied strictly, with her hair tied and pulled back to her elbows, arching her body painfully.

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