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The Slave Exchange Mindfuckt part 1

In the BDSM community, there are those who take their Master/slave relationships very sincerely…These players typically have much more experience simply because they do take it all quite seriously…They have found and adopted some practices which seem extreme, but those practices are now their fetishes…they are pushing the limits of what can be enjoyed for pleasure and submission…how deeply we can ask someone else to submit to our will…can we ask them to give it up to someone else for our purposes? Its quite a romantic notion and inspires much sexual fervor…to leave the one you love with a madman and ask her to endure if for you…and how does it feel to the deeply drawn masochist? Their desires are also fulfilled…but these types of situations must include consent, no matter how insane they seem…because everyone involved is getting off…dont feel too bad for Rachael, We did it all for her

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