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The Stalker Part 2 Custom Video

Asiana awakens, dazed and confused. Unaware of her surrounds but what seems to be a very cold and dark place. Hands tied above her head, blindfolded and mouth packed. The man who has captured her now speaks and he is not happy. Not remembering who he is, he reminds her of how her big mouth lands his dude some time in the pen. Denying any recollection of who he or his dude is, she is choked out and handled roughly until she admits being a snitch. He gropes her, torments her, and tosses her around. Pushing her, taunting her, and fucking with her for testifying against his dude. Crying and pleading for mercy while he tells her the things he’s going to do to her body with his collection of toys. He leaves the room and while he’s away, Asiana frees herself and makes a run for it, only to find him waiting on the other side of the door! He grabs her and knocks her out with , and lights out for Asiana…

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Video: 720×400

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