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The Suspended Crucifixion Of Monica Jade

Monica is wheeled in on the transport cart. She is dressed in a little top and panties. She is a mess. Her make has runs down her face from crying. She is stood up and made to stand on the block. Knowing how bad it can get if she doesn’t comply she stands still and prepares her self for what is to come. Using bamboo poles She is harnessed up in a crucified position. She is striped and her panties cut off. The harness is built in a way that puts all the pressure on her cunt. Crucified with the poles she is hoisted up by the chain. Now she is hung by a very strict crucified position. She is hooded and her head pulled back. She has large black nipple digging clamps on her. She whipped and spun around for his enjoyment. You can here her sobs as the crotch rope splits her into. Very intense clip. Monica is one of the toughest bondage model’s we work with and loves pain. Don’t try this one at home.

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