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The Vigilante Captures and Strictly Binds Riley Rose 1-2

It’s been a while, but the Prostitutes have returned to The Vigilante’s peaceful neighborhood, and he doesn’t like it! It’s not that he really has anything against prostitution, it’s just that he knows from experience that the thieves, thugs, and drug dealers soon follow. This means violence and lower property values. His goal is not to harm them, but to scare them off. He captured this one out back in the alley. The clip starts with him leading riley into an abandoned factory with her wrists and ankles already bound. He lifts her up onto a horizontal piece of pipe and then starts binding her to a vertical pipe. He starts at her waist and then adds more rope to her chest. No one will ever hear her anyway, but Her pleading to be let go start to get on his nerves, so he gags her with a punishing ace bandage cleave gag. He then starts adding more ropes, further securing her to the pipe. Every once in a while he stops to manhandle or smack her ass, but then he gets right back to work binding his captive with foot after foot of white cotton rope. He stops for a little while, but it’s only to rip open riley’s blouse. He then cuts off her bra. More rope is added. Then he adds black tape to her gag, making it even tighter! Then more rope!

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