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Training Sahrye 1-2

Sahrye has been in training to become a Secret government super spy. She has passed all background checks and she scored very well on her written tests, but now it’s time to start training in the field. It is completely different. For this test, Sahrye has been given a secret code word of “potatoes”. Her trainer will interrogate her using methods used by organizations which she might end up captive to at some point. She is to endure these methods and not give up the code word. The clip starts with Sahrye standing in an old shed, in the dark, with her wrists tied behind her back and a neckrope tied overhead. she is cleave gagged as well. Soon we see feet approaching the shed, then we see hands unlatching and opening the heavy wooden door. The door stays open and light floods in. We can now clearly see her predicament. After a bit, Sahrye’s trainer her. He grabs and manhandles her, smacking her ass and groping her tits through her turtleneck. He turns her anyway he pleases and asks her for the code word. Of course she isn’t going to break this easy! Her sweater is lifted and her bare tits are squeezed and groped. He then ties a rope around her ankle and ties it off high to the same point as her neck. Sahrye struggles to breathe and maintain balance in her high heeled boots as her trainer leaves her. Some agents in training freak out while in a position like this and that’s all it takes for them to give in, but when her trainer returns, Sahrye stands strong. Her leg is untied from overhead and the rope is used to bind her ankles together. He unties her neckrope from overhead and then uses it as a leash. He gives it a yank and starts walking out of the shed. Sahrye can either fall on her face or hop and try and keep up. She wisely chooses the latter. She hops for a while before they reach a stake buried in the ground. He stops her there and he makes her kneel in front of it and then he ties her neck to it…

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