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Trying different angles with Sierra!

Part 1
Sierra and I try out several different angles for fucking her throat. There’s one spot that just feels amazing to push my cock past, I’m pretty sure it’s her epiglottis.
Part 2
I fuck Sierra’s throat, and make her come, and rub her face in it. We start out with her head tilted backwards over the edge of the bed (easy for me to pin her down with hands on her throat or wrists, and just push it all the way in). We graduate up to her flipped over and holding onto her ankles. I didn’t think I’d be able to get her off as well that way, it’s a more difficult angle for reaching her cunt, but check out the teaser video for how happily wrong I was.
Part 3
I make Sierra lick her puddle of come on the bed, and push her face down into it while fucking her from behind. I also make her hold her ass open for spankings on her asshole, then use my thumb roughly in her ass while I’m fucking her. She gleefully hates every minute of it.
Part 4
I’ve put up other video of Sierra getting fucked with a trailer hitch, but this was actually the first time we did it. It’s a big hunk of cold metal, and I think her initial trepidation was not unreasonable. We do progress into orgasms pretty quickly though.
Part 5
I add the Hitachi to the mix while fucking Sierra really hard with the trailer hitch. It hurts a lot, and she’s apparently the kind of pervert who likes that sort of thing. Then I maul her tits while pushing my cock all the way down her throat, and she’s apparently that kind of pervert also.
Part 6
Sierra has a great face while being fucked hard, and an even better one while I’m alternating slaps from my hand with strokes from my cock. I tell her to hold her legs open for hard slaps whenever I pull out and she tries really hard. I finish off by fucking her a bit more with the cooled-off trailer hitch.

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