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Vicious Vamp-Silly Boy! Don’t let my catch you tying me up!

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

She used to baby sit him when he was a boy. But now he has grown up and Michelle(Visious Vame) has taken notice . Today he is home on leave from the military and Michelle has learned he is home alone. So she dresses up and goes over to see him. Remembering the day when he tied her up while she baby sat him, she tells him how much she likes being tied up. But when he is reluctant, Michelle threatens to make things rough on him by telling her that he made advances toward her. Michelle likes getting her way and he already knows this. So he takes her up on the offer and soon has her tied up in bra, girdle and nylons. Then when she tells him she wants something in her mouth, he gags her. With a pair of panties tied in her mouth, she tries to tell him that she had something else in mind. But now she has no choice but to do things his way. However, after a while, she realizes she is going to get her way when he pulls her great big tits out of her bra and hogties her. She just has to be a little patient. To make her wait more enjoyable, the young man crotch ropes her. He then sits back to watch as she uses the tight rope between her legs to work herself into a bound orgasm. Then as the gag loosens, she spits out the panties. “Enough games! Pull down my panties and Fuck Me!” she demands.

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