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Vicious Vamp-Tying up his ‘s full figured teacher!

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

He has been called in for a conference with his ‘s teacher(Vicious Vamp). She tells him that she has found him in possession of some disturbing items. She brings out a back pack that she took from him and shows the man rope, tape and women’s panties from inside the pack. They both realize these items are used for some sort of bondage games that the is probably playing with a girlfriend. Worried that his could get kicked out of this school, the man asks the teacher if there is anything he can do to solve the situation without any extreme action. He is very surprised at the answer the teacher gives him. First she asks him if he is married. When he tells her that he is not she tells him that it is against schools rules for his to particiapte in this type of behavior, But then she goes on to say that she does not know of any rules saying that a parent cannot tie up a teacher. It turns out that the teacher has a huge fantasy to be tied up and gagged in her inderwear. When the man agrees to go along with her plan to resolve this issue, the teacher takes off her dress to show she is wearing sexy black lingerie including garters and a corset under. Using the rope from the back pack, the man ties the teacher up tight. As it becomes obvious that she is very turned on, he asks her what she wants done to her while she is tied up. She tells him that he can start by giving her a good spanking. Then when her squeals get a little loud, the teacher suggests that he gag her, just incase someone walks by her office. So the man stuffs and tape a huge wad of panties in her mouth. Now bound and gagged, the teacher is very turned on. But being gagged and unable to say anything, she can only hope that the man continues to play her game. She is very happy when he sits her on a chair and adds more rope to tie her down securely. She is so turned on now that she can hardly control herself and her moans of pleasure get loud. When the man ties her legs apart to the chair legs and pulls her bra down, the teacher goes over the edge and starts to herself into an orgasm. Then the man offers to take her off of the chair and pull her panties down if she gives him a good show of struggling on the chair. This gets the teacher to start bouncing her great big tits up and down as she wildly hops around in the chair.

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