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Vicious Vamp’s Strict Stappado, Parts 1-3

This clip starts with Vicious Vamp tied to a chair. I immediately stuff a large foam ball in her mouth. I wrap tape around her head multiple times to make sure it stays there. Her blouse is a little small and her tits are about the burst out. For safeties sake, I unbutton it as I don’t want the flying button to put out somebody’s eye. I leave her to struggle, but she won’t be getting free. She is tied very tightly at her waist to the chair. Her wrists and ankles are also very secure. After a while, I return. Her bra is too tight as well. Wearing a bra this tight could give her a headache and I don’t want that, so I cut it off for her. I squeeze her huge tits and give them each a few slaps as well…

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